Venous Symposium 2021 information will soon be available.

All times are stated in Eastern Standard Time.

Friday, July 31, 2020

10:57-11:07 AM
TriForce: How I do it
Speaker: Kush Desai
Sponsored by Cook Medical


12:02-12:12 PM
Pelvic Venous Disease from Iliac Vein Obstruction
Speaker: Ronald Winokur
Sponsored by BD


1:17-1:27 PM
Rethinking Thrombus Removal with the Indigo System:  Introducing Lightning Intelligent Aspiration
Speaker: Frank Arko
Sponsored by Penumbra, Inc

Saturday, August 1, 2020

10:47-10:57 AM
Are you Making the Most of Varithena?
Speaker: Kathleen Gibson
Sponsored by Boston Scientific


11:47-11:57 AM
Lower Extremity Lymphedema Curiosities & Controversies
Speaker: Steven Dean
Sponsored by Tactile Medical


1:42-1:52 PM
FlowTriever – Lytic-free Treatment of PE
Speaker: Tomas Tu
Sponsored by Inari Medical

Sunday, August 2, 2020

11:07-11:17 AM
ClotTriever – Lytic-free Treatment of DVT
Speaker: Steven Abramowitz
Sponsored by Inari Medical


12:02-12:12 PM
The Importance of Skin Substitutes in treating VLU’s
Speaker: George Koullias
Sponsored by Organogenesis


12:57-1:07 PM
24-Month VERNACULAR Trial Results & Optimal Venous Stenting Techniques
Speaker: Patrick Muck
Sponsored by BD


1:52-2:02 PM
Bashir Endovascular Catheter: Early Experience & Case Examples
Speaker: John Moriarty
Sponsored by Thrombolex, Inc